Friday, November 02, 2012

Table of Contents


BDSM Relationship Variations
Ways that couples mix the elements of S&M and D/s.

Discovering, Embracing, Revealing the Self
On discovering you’re kinky, your vanilla self may protest! Self-acceptance takes time.

Subs Don’t Need “Training” but Doms Do
Because doms wield authority, and knowing how to do so responsibly is not inborn.

The BDSM Scene Is Not Everyone’s Kink
Why the BDSM scene attracts but a small subset of kinksters.

Who Is Will and Why Is He an Expert?
Just how do I know these things you need to know about relationships with kink?

Embarking on a New Journey
Introduction and list of planned article topics.


What to Look For in a Dom/Master
A collection of important, and irrelevant, characteristics of a dom or master.

What I Look For in a Submissive Partner
A list of generally valuable qualities in a sub, and a few irrelevant ones.

Online BDSM Dating Tips
Kinky dating should be easier online, but there’s so many fakes & nuts! Here’s how to cope.

How to Interview a Dom/Master Prospect
You must ask the right questions when considering a dom.

The Dangers of Dom/Sub Gravity
A risky attraction pulls together a dom and sub who’ve just met.

Why Doms & Subs Should Not Date Vanilla People
After early infatuation, what unfolds over time in a kinky-vanilla pairing is disappointment and frustration.


Two Kinds of Subspace
Subspace can be physiological (from pain) or psychological (from attraction).

Essential Rights for a Submissive Partner
In lifestyle D/s, or master/slave relationships, a submissive requires certain promises of protection.

Why Safewords Are Not Safe
How safewords can fail, and why they’re only necessary for “no means yes” games.

Crossing the Line: Where Kink Becomes Abuse
Power corrupts; occasional abuse may be a cost of regular kink.

On Communication Within a Dom/Sub Partnership
Techniques for open, ongoing communication.

Assuaging a Sub’s Fear of Abandonment
D/s fosters intense bonding, and with it possibly an intense fear of loss.

Emotional Issues in Dom/Sub Relationships
Common emotional weaknesses can be destructive to D/s relationships.

Why Dominant/Submissive Romance Is Hard
There are few role models for kinky couples to follow when building a romance.


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